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  Crane Beam Designer
  Any shaped I-Beam Calculates actual wheel load Designs for any steel yield
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  ezCodes & Loads
  Provides Wind, snow, rain and seismic design loads for buildings for almost all the zip codes in the USA.
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  ezWind calculates wind perssures per ASCE 7-02, ASCE-7-05 & MBMA
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EZ Wind Software

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EZWind calculates wind loads for Components & Cladding and Main Wind Force Resisting System for building and other structures. EZWind calculates wind pressures per ASCE 7-02, ASCE 7-05 and MBMA 2006 "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures for all types of buildings and structures". it performs calculations for Rigid and flexible structures, with the gust factor for flexible structures based upon the natural frequency and damping of the structure. Also, it calculates the topographic factors and provides a comprehensive list of all shape factors for the structure and attachments.

EZWind handles low rise (h<= 60 ft) buildings, using either the detailed (Method 2) or the simplified (Method 1) procedure. EZWind can also be used to calculate wind loads on buildings greater than 60 ft in height. EZWind will handle the following types of roof's:
  • Gabled
  • Monoslope
  • Hipped
  • Multspan
  • Sawtooth
  • Stepped
  • Domed
  • Arched
 EZWind calculates wind pressures on structures from any wind directions. All force coefficients are calculated for windward walls, leeward walls, side walls, roof's perpendicular to ridge, roof's parallel to ridge, and roof overhangs. EZWind also calculates the force coefficients, and wind pressures for Components and Cladding. EZWind now calculates windward and leeward pressure for Parapets on Monoslope, Gabled, and Hipped type roofs. There have been significant changes since the last revision of ASCE 7-02. Some of these changes include: New parameters for Monoslope roofs, Pitched and Troughed roofs have been added to Open Buildings, Parapets coefficients have changed, Solid Signs and Freestanding walls have changed, and formulas for Monoslope, Pitched, Troughed, and Solid Signs have changed and or been added to ASCE 7-05.

  • General
    • The software operates in a Windows  environment.
    • The software is user friendly. It allows the user to update and change parameters continuously through the process of determining wind loads for a given structure without starting from scratch with each update. 
    • The software operates in US standard units.
    • The software computes wind loads by analytical method and simplified method.
    • The software provides the user with options for determining wind loads for: 
      • buildings
      • chimneys, tanks, and similar structures
      • trussed towers
      • signs
      • domed structures (ASCE 7-02, 05 only)
  • Location and Topography
    • The software allows the user to describe the topography by using parameters for the topographic conditions included in ASCE 7-02/05 Section
  • Buildings
    • The software incorporates all roof types and combinations defined in ASCE 7-02/05.
    • Software allows the user to define roof slopes in terms of degrees or as a ratio (x:12). 
  • Calculations and Output
    • Output has all the need information, calculations and graphs to easily understand the results..