Crane Beam Designer
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  Crane Beam Designer
  Any shaped I-Beam Calculates actual wheel load Designs for any steel yield
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  ezCodes & Loads
  Provides Wind, snow, rain and seismic design loads for buildings for almost all the zip codes in the USA.
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  ezWind calculates wind perssures per ASCE 7-02, ASCE-7-05 & MBMA
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ezCodes and Loads

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We know how valuable the time for engineers is. Therefore, we came up with this easy to you software to help them acquire data and loads which are needed for their daily work load. You do not have to dig deep into your books or manual to obtain the information needed for your work. We developed a state of art software which helps you obtain all the climatological data with a few click of a mouse. All that you need is the zip code for the project site. If you do not have the zip code, you can search by the state, city or county. The cities and the counties will be populated for each state. All what you have to do is select a state and select a county or city in that state and click search. Get all the climatological data in second with this easy-to-use loads and data software!
Software Features
  • Latitude, Longitude and elevation for every zip code.
  • Wind, snow, and seismic design loads for buildings for almost all the zip codes in the USA.
  • Rain data per zip code, county and city ( 5 years and 25 years).
  • Building Code per State and County
  • Fastest Mile data (Ground Snow, Wind, Hurricane, Aa, Av)
  • 3 Second Gust Wind.
  • Load Importance factors (Is, Iw and Ie)
  • Seismic Use Group and Site Class.
  • Seismic Data ( Ss, S1, Fa and Fv)
  • Seismic Calculations ( Sms, Sm1, Sds and Sd1)
  • The Ability to save you data if you contact the permit office for any State, city or county.
  • Create report with all the climatological data.