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  Crane Beam Designer
  Any shaped I-Beam Calculates actual wheel load Designs for any steel yield
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  Provides Wind, snow, rain and seismic design loads for buildings for almost all the zip codes in the USA.
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  ezWind calculates wind perssures per ASCE 7-02, ASCE-7-05 & MBMA
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Crane Beam Designer | Crane Runway Beam Design Software

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Software Details

Some of the software options:

  • Designs or analyzes any I shape beam or any cap channel and beam combination
  • Design based on ASD, AISC 1989 edition and AISE report 13
  • Beam can be a hot rolled section or three plate I shape girder
  • Hot rolled section can be Wide Flange or Standard Beam
  • Plate girder can have unequal flanges to optimize design
  • Beam can be run with or without cap channel
  • Calculates any beam cross section combination
  • Calculates actual wheel load
  • Fatigue design, calculates stress ranges and design for it
  • Weld design, continues or intermittent weld
  • Deflection design, calculate actual deflections and report them
  • Calculates actual reaction bearing requirements
  • Designs for any steel yield stress
  • Designs end stiffeners as needed or force stiffener design
  • Uses your wheel load or the program's
  • Can change the combined stress factor ratio
  • Checks the clearance between beam top flange and cap channel (figure 2)

Figure 2

  • Recommends standard deflection limits, which can also be overridden
  • Recommends standard impact factors for different crane systems
  • Crane systems Monorail
  • Under-hung
  • Top running, including cab or pendant operation
  • Clamshell bucket, magnet, ladle, stacker systems and more
  • Has two different impact factors for single crane and multiple crane bridge cases
  • Handles and runs up to four different crane bridges at the same time
  • Every crane bridge can carry up to two different hoists fig. 3
  • Every crane bridge can have two or four wheels at end truck. (figure 3)

Figure 3

  • Handles up to 16 moving loads at the same time
  • User can customize and change all data files to best fit their needs
  • The Load Data option loads crane bridge information from data files
  • The only one of its kind on the market
  • Can modify all crane data files to fit your needs, files such as:
  • Wide flange sections.
  • American standard sections.
  • Channel sections.
  • Girder flange plates.
  • Girder web plates.
  • Rail beam sections.
  • Crane data for top running, under hung and monorail systems.