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Crane Runway Beam Design Software

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Main Features

Crane beam design has always been a challenge. Most of the crane runway beam programs are old proprietary software that would only be suitable for the design of some specific crane bridge system. Traditionally, crane runway beam design is done through time consuming and laborious manual calculations. Structural program packages, that are found commercially, are also used as a template or a model. However, this approach proved to be very inefficient, as it requires a lot of time and resources to convert the model into the specific design needed. Yet, still some things must be checked through hand calculations.

With the introduction of Crane Beam Designer, these design projects are easily done. The software designs top running, under-hung and monorail crane systems. Top running cranes with CMAA classification A to F are also programmed. A participating professional engineer with years of experience developed and designed the software. The software is very easy to learn and use. The user is guaranteed to find the professionally done graphical interface easy and clear to use, yet powerful enough to generate accurate results. The user will find the input and the output of this software are easy to understand. The software will allow the user to make the necessary engineering decisions and have the computer perform all the tedious and time-consuming calculations in few seconds. The software will increase your productivity in crane runway beam design sharply as well as reducing time and material resources needed.

Crane Beam Designer will help you design the following:

  • Top running cranes, CMAA classes A to F
  • Under hung cranes
  • Monorail cranes

Current Users of Crane Beam Designer

  • Crane America PE, Inc.
  • Garco Building Systems
  • Plantnic Steel
  • Hoj Engineerings
  • Burlington Engineering
  • Mass Crane and Hoist
The software was developed to design with AISC, ASD 1989 method with the implementations of AISE report 13.

Software Requirements:
Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2000 , and XP.
Pentium II or 300Mhz equivalent processor
10 MB of hard disk space is needed to install and to run the program.